SensorPrint: Leveraging Imperfections of Sensors for
Fingerprinting Smartphones

This project reveals that each smartphone accelerometer responds differently to the same motion stimulus. We explore the idiosyncrasies of the accelerometers to fingerprint the smartphones.

NDSS 2014
HotMobile 2013 (Poster)

TapPrint: Your Finger Taps Have Fingerprints

This project shows that the location of screen taps on modern smartphones and tablets can be identified from accelerometer and gyroscope readings. Our findings point to a potential security issue.

MobiSys 2012

Driver Detection using Mobile Phone Sensors

We present a phone based sensing system to determine if a user in a moving vehicle is a driver or a passenger. We foresee several useful applications for this technology including tracking the reckless driving behavior.

MobiSys 2011 (Poster)

PhonePoint Pen: Using Mobile Phones to Write in Air

We envision a system called PhonePoint Pen that uses the in-built accelerometer in mobile phones to recognize human writing. By holding the phone like a pen, a user should be able to write short messages or draw simple diagrams in the air.

MobiSys 2011
MobiHeld 2009


'PhonePoint Pen' receives Hoffmann Krippner Award for most innovative input device
'SensorPrint' receives second prize in Poster/Demo session at HotMobile 2013


Romit Roy Choudhury
Associate Professor
Dept. of ECE and CS

Current Students
Sanorita Dey
PhD Student
Dept. of CS

Nirupam Roy
PhD Student
Dept. of ECE

Previous Students
Ionut Constandache (Oracle)
Vijay Raman (Qualcomm)
Sandip Agrawal

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