Full Duplex Communication and MAC protocols

This project introduces the long-awaited collision detection feature to the wireless CSMA networks. This functionality enables the wireless nodes to identify an ongoing collision with the help of signature correlation on a listener antenna.

MobiCom 2010
Hotnets 2009

PHY Layer based Rate Control

This technique computes the optimal transmission rate in wireless networks. It estimates the channel behavior from symbol level dispersion and then emulates transmission in other rates under this dispersion. The maximum successful rate in emulation is considered optimal.

NSDI 2010

Backing off in the Frequency Domain

We break away from wasteful time domain channel contention and place the backoff operation in frequency domain. The system treats OFDM subcarriers as integer numbers and contending nodes signal on a randomly chosen subcarrier for contention.

MobiCom 2011
Hotnets 2010

Indoor Localization using Wireless Multipath Signatures

We come up with a precise indoor localization system by exploiting detailed physical layer information of the WiFi channel. PinLoc creates a location signature with the help of certain properties of OFDM subcarriers.

MobiSys 2012
Hotnets 2011


Romit Roy Choudhury
Associate Professor
Dept. of ECE and CS

Current Students
Mahanth Gowda
PhD Student
Dept. of CS

Nirupam Roy
PhD Student
Dept. of ECE

Previous Students and PostDocs
Souvik Sen (HP Labs)
Naveen Santhapuri (Bloomberg)

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