Cooperative Packet Recovery in Enterprise WLANs

We design a system called Epicenter for minimal overhead packet combining in Enterprise Wireless Networks (EWLANs). We analyze tradeoffs between gains and backhaul overhead and establish the existence of a sweetspot that acieves near-optimal diversity combining gains.

Infocom 2013

Psychological Computing

We propose that systems architecture should encompass a psychological layer deep inside the conventional layered architecture. We demonstrate how the design guided by psychological principles can enable novel methods of prefetching, compression, vehicular system design and OS scheduling.

Hotmobile 2013

Network Coordination through the Cloud

RxIP designs Home Networks by adopting a Software Defined Wireless Networking (SDWN) architecture. It uses Internet as a control channel for co-ordinating neighboring home Access Points. RxIP employs SDWN based interference management techniques for mitigating hidden terminals.

Infocom 2012

Sensor Assisted Wireless Communication

We envision a novel architecture for wireless systems design with out-of-band sensor information. Inference of Microwave interference via sound sensors can help in wireless channel switching. Accelerometer data can help adapt 802.11 bit rates for human mobility.


Transmission Reordering in Wireless Networks

Message in Message (MIM) is a novel physical layer capability that allows receivers to lock on to a stronger signal while currently in the state of receiving a weaker signal. Shuffle orders transmissions such that a stronger link is activated after a weaker link to enhance spatial reuse.

Mobicom 2009


Romit Roy Choudhury
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Dept. of ECE and CS

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Nirupam Roy
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Dept. of ECE

Mahanth Gowda
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Justin Manweiler (IBM Research)
Souvik Sen (HP Labs)
Xuan Bao (Samsung Research)
Naveen Santhapuri (Bloomberg)

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