VibraPhone accepted to MobiSys'16

VibraPhone demonstrates the feasibility of using the vibration motor in mobile devices as a sound sensor, almost like a microphone. (Led by Nirupam)
February 2016

Haitham's Thesis
Haitham's thesis wins 2016 Sprowls award

Haitham's thesis on "The Sparse Fourier Transform: Theory & Practice" wins the 2016 Sprowls award for best thesis in Computer Science at MIT.
November 2016

Romit Roy Choudhury
Romit wins 2016 CS @ ILLINOIS Distinguished Alumni Award

This award is in recognition of "alumni and faculty members who have made professional, technical, educational, or service contributions that bring distinction to themselves, the department, and the university."
November 2016

SyNRG Turkey Run
SyNRG party at Turkey Run State Park

Canoe trips were great fun... one canoe flipped but we all survived!
May 2016

Romit Roy Choudhury
Romit wins 2015 ACM Sigmobile Rockstar Award

Romit Roy Choudhury was recently awarded the 2015 ACM SIGMOBILE RockStar Award in recognition of "significant contributions, early in his career, to mobile sensing and wireless networking, with an emphasis on location and cross-layer protocols".
May 2015

Ashutosh joins the SyNRG group. Welcome!

August 2014

HotNets 2014
Our work on wireless infrastructure mobility accepted to HotNets'14

This paper envisions the possibility of injecting mobility into wireless infrastructure. See paper here.
September 2014

Our paper on driver detection appeared in COMSNETS'14

This work was awarded best poster in MobiSys 2011. See paper here.
January 2014

Samsung Research
Xuan Bao joins Samsung Research America. Congratulations!

July 2013

DroneNet accepted to HotMobile'17

DroneNet explores if drones can fill gaps in cellular coverage using ray-tracing to predict potential drone placement. DroneNet also wins Runners Up Award at MobiCom'16 Student Research Competition (SRC). (Led by Ashutosh)
January 2017

He Wang
He Wang accepts Purdue

He will join the CS department of Purdue University as a tenure track professor. Congratulations!
March 2016

HiBo accepted to ICNP'16

Hierarchical Backoff (HiBo) aims to compress randomized contention overhead for high density networks. (Led by Mahanth)
June 2016

WWW 2016
Robotic Wireless Networks accepted to WWW'16

In this paper we explore the possibility of injecting mobility into wireless network infrastructure. (Led by Mahanth)
December 2015

Nirupam and Shaileshh reach finals of 2016 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship contest

They recently presented Ripple at Qualcomm's headquarters in San Diego.
February 2016

OverLay accepted to MobiSys'15

Mobile augmented reality (AR) has been an exciting, yet unrealized, vision. This paper attempts to complete the vision within the constraints of today’s smartphones. (Led by Puneet)
February 2015

ICWSM 2014
CrowdCast accepted to ICWSM'14

This paper proposes CrowdCast, a cloud-based framework to enable real-time analysis and prediction from streaming social data. (Led by Puneet)
March 2014

MobiSys 2014
WalkCompass accepted to MobiSys'14

This paper describes WalkCompass, a system that exploits smartphone sensors to estimate the direction in which a user is walking. (Led by Nirupam)
March 2014

Hotmobile 2014
Injecting Life into Toys accepted to HotMobile'14

This paper envisions a future in which smartphones can be inserted into toys, such as a teddy bear, to make them interactive to children. See paper here. (Led by Mahanth)
December 2013

SenSys 2013
FOCUS appeared to SenSys'13

See paper here. (Led by Puneet)
July 2013

SyNRG group picture from 2013

The most profound technologies are those that disappear - Mark Weiser.
August 2013

Agile Link
Agile-Link presented at HotNets'16

Agile-Link is the first mmWave beam steering system that is demonstrated to find the correct beam alignment without scanning the space.
September 2016

ArmTrak accepted to MobiSys'16

ArmTrak is designed to track the geometric motion of the human arm using only the inertial sensors on the smartwatch. (Led by Sheng)
February 2016

NSDI 2016
Ripple II accepted to NSDI'16

We are envisioning physical vibration as a new mode of communication between mobile devices. See paper here. (Led by Nirupam)
December 2015

MobiCom 2015
MoLe accepted to MobiCom'15

Imagine a user typing on a laptop keyboard while wearing a smart watch. This paper asks whether motion sensors from the watch can leak information about what the user is typing. See video here. (Led by He)
June 2015

CHI 2015
ActivPass accepted to CHI'15

This paper explores the feasibility of automatically extracting passwords from a user’s daily activity logs, such as her Facebook activity, phone activity etc.
January 2015

NSDI 2015
Ripple accepted to NSDI'15

This paper investigates the possibility of communicating through vibrations. (Led by Nirupam)
January 2015

Sheng joins the SyNRG group. Welcome!

August 2014

NDSS 2014
AccelPrint accepted to NDSS'14

This paper submits a hypothesis that smartphone/tablet accelerometers possess unique fingerprints, which can be exploited for tracking users.
November 2013

Microsoft Research IBM Research
He and Mahanth back from MSR internships, Puneet from IBM Research
September 2013

iBall accepted to NSDI'17

We explore the possibility of bringing IoT to sports analytics, particularly to the game of Cricket. We develop solutions to track a ball’s 3D trajectory and spin with inexpensive sensors and radios embedded in the ball. (Led by Mahanth)
December 2016

SafetyNet accepted to MobiCom'16

SafetyNet estimates the drone's 3D orientation using multiple GPS receivers ... offers a backup to IMU failures. (Led by Mahanth)
June 2016

Haitham Hassanieh
Haitham joins and co-leads the SyNRG group

Haitham Hassanieh is a new Assistant Professor in the ECE Department at UIUC. His research is in the area of computer networks and algorithms.
January 2016

Puneet Jain
Puneet graduates with PhD

And now a researcher at HP Labs in Palo Alto. Congratulations, Puneet!
May 2016

Insight accepted to MobiSys'15

Insight develops techniques using which humans can be visually recognized. Complementary to face recognition, Insight exploits the intuition that motion patterns and clothing colors may pose as a human fingerprint, adequate to discriminate one individual from others. (Led by He)
February 2015

CHEF wins Runners Up Award at MobiCom'15 Student Research Competition (SRC)

The goal of this project is to uniquely fingerprint an environment in the visual domain. See poster here. (Led by Puneet)
June 2015

Nirupam Roy
Nirupam wins 2016 Joan and Lalit Bahl fellowship

The fellowship will be in the amount of $20,000.
February 2016

Puneet joins HP Labs. Congratulations!

July 2015

MIT Technology Review
ActivPass appears in MIT Technology Review

See the report here, paper here.
More details in this audio interview to BBC (starting 26:30)
April 2015

Romit (PC Chair) and Justin (General Chair) will be organizing HotMobile'15. Consider submitting.

See the HotMobile 2015 website here.
February 2014